Rony Ronouk

Hi, thanks for visiting my website. Let me introduce me first. My full name is A K M Saiful Islam. Hey, don't ask me the full meaning of "A K M". Even without that, it's already a long name, isn't it? Rather let me tell you the reason of my name "Rony Ronouk".

name not available

This meme here is not for fun. This is exactly the things that happened. It all started from the "FACEBOOK". If I remember it right, I opened my facebook account in 2009. So, while choosing a profile address, as expected, first I tried my name "saifulislam". Unfortunately, Facebook told me that the name is already taken. Then I tried "saifulislamrony". Facebook told me that this also is not available unfortunately. After that, I tried "saiful.islam", "saiful.islam.rony", "akmsaifulislam", akm.saiful.islam", "akm.saiful.islam.rony". And the crazy thing is, facebook algorithm denied my request every single time providing the same reason! What on earth is going on there? Then this name "Rony Ronouk" came into my mind and just for fun, I tried it. Guess what, it got accepted. Viola, I got my new name and actually I liked it. So much so that, I started using it in every social account profile and almost in any other website where giving a name is must.

By the way, the word "Ronouk" did not come in my mind out of nowhere. That time, there was a famous actor in our media (TV media of Bangladesh) named "Rawnak Hasan". Yes, you got it right, the word "Ronouk" is kinda a rhyme of that "Rawnak"